Jonathan Davis ” Black Labyrinth “

Black Labyrinth available MAY 25

Even with Ray Luzier on the drums, this was not a Korn show.

Jonathan Davis, gave Kansas City fans a preview of his upcoming solo release, ” Black Labyrinth,” May 25th on Sumerian Records.

The smile on Jonathan’s face, reflects the heart that seems to beat through his performance.
No big production with this tour, just the band and a stage flooded in crimson light. The new music took me back to the day, 1980 something, like a darker Depeche Mode. They went with a large double bass for the live show, it added a the deep bass and looks cool as hell. Heavy synth and strings combined with the drumming madness of Ray Luzier, work perfectly with Davis’s dark vocals.
It may take a while for KORN fans to embrace this new sound from Jonathan Davis, to them I say, “Give it time, it will grow on you.”
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